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Section 7068.1 of the Business and Professions Code states: “direct supervision and control” includes any one or any combination of the following activities: supervising construction, managing construction activities by making technical and administrative decisions, checking jobs for proper workmanship, or direct supervision on construction job sites.


A Responsible Managing Officer, or RMO, is the person qualifying a license on behalf of the applicant and is actively engaged in the classification of work for which that responsible managing officer is qualified to perform.

Is it legal in California to be an RMO?

The RMO Responsible Managing Office is a legal mechanism through which to obtain a contractor’s

As an RMO, do I need to have an active license?

As an RMO you can have an active, Inactive, or expired license.

As an RMO, how many companies can I qualify for?

As an RMO, you can be a qualifying individual for up to 3 companies in any one-year period.


The 20% can mean whatever you want it to be. i.e. voting rights, non-voting rights, operational/financial decisions, or not, monthly salary, etc.

Can I disassociate from the company if I choose?

Yes, you can disassociate from the company at any given time. The RMO agreement should
include a termination and/or contract cancellation clause (According to your requirements).


No. By definition an RMO is an Officer, and not an Employee. Therefore, the RMO would not be considered an Employee of the company.


Can I work without a contractor’s license?

It is illegal to operate as an unlicensed contractor in the state of California. The California Contractors’ State License Law outlines that no person in California may perform any construction services billed at $500 or over.

Who must be licensed as a contractor?

All businesses or individuals who construct or alter any building, highway, road,
parking facility, railroad, excavation, or other structure in California must be licensed
by the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) if the total cost (labor and
materials) is $500 or more.

Why do companies need an RMO?

If you do not have the necessary experience to qualify for the CSLB exams, or the
CSLB has rejected your experience, or you need more supervised experience, an RMO
is a quick and LEGAL way to obtain a contractor’s license.

Can I have a contractor license even if I never passed both the Law and Business Examination and the trade examination?

Yes, you can have a contractor’s license and own a construction company with no exam.
You would need an RMO (Responsible Managing Officer) to qualify your company.

Can I qualify my own company?

Yes, CSLB will waive the examination requirement if you had a qualifier for 5 years in your
company. It is not an automatic process, you will need to file a waiver request. We can help
you submit the paperwork to be your own qualifier, while disassociating your RMO.

Can I add a second classification to my license with no exam?

Yes, we can help you find a qualifying individual for a license in the same classification for
which you are applying

Can I change my construction company’s name?

Yes. We can help you change the business Name in the Secretary Of State and the CSLB.

Can I transfer my license to my friend?

Yes, we can help you transfer the “ownership” of the license and of the business with all
necessary agencies.

How do I start forming my construction company?

Here, at RMO Construction Agency, Inc, We will help you form your corporation, register it with all
government agencies required by the state, match you up with an RMO (according to your
location and to your classification requirement), submit all paperwork to the state and follow
through the entire process until the license is issued.

How long before I can start taking on construction projects?

once matched & qualified, the process can take between 4-6 weeks. Do not worry, We will
be on top of it from the start to completion to move it along as quickly as possible.

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