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NEEd an rmo?

Get Your Contractors License Without Taking Any Exams.

Why Do You Need a RMO?

Can't Qualify nor Pass the exam?

Can’t Qualify nor Pass the exam? If you or your company are unable to qualify for the CSLB exam, using an RMO is the fastest and only solution to get your new contractors license.

Remove the Monetary Restriction

By being licensed, you are no longer restricted by the $499.99 labor and materials limit.  You can enter into much more lucrative contracts and expand your business.

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We will connect you with an RMO in your area and/or region. RMOs and the licenses they qualify should be reasonably close to each other.

Pick a Plan

Pick a plan that is right for you. Our package options can include a full suite of services.


RMO Construction Agency, Inc can prepare and file all your state application, and incorporation documents! Within just a matter of weeks you’ll be up and running your new construction business!

What are the fees?

Initial Costs:

  • $800 is the CSLB Application and Initial License Fee
  • A License Bond will need to be purchased prior to the issuance of the license. RMO Construction Agency, Inc can help you obtain that bond.
  • All personnel listed on the license application will need to be fingerprinted.  Those costs vary depending on the Live Scan office. Generally, $75 & up.

Monthly fee:

  • RMO Construction Agency, Inc does not charge a monthly fee.  As there is no industry standard for RMO compensation you, the license holder, and the RMO can negotiate how, and how much the RMO is to be paid. 
  • A monthly fee paid to the RMO, or a percentage of individual projects, or a percentage of overall sales is somewhat standard.  It is entirely up to you to negotiate!

Agency Costs:

  • RMO Construction Agency, Inc does not charge a monthly fee.
    Agency Charges a one-time fee of Finder’s Fee.

RMO Construction Agency is a flat fee based, no contract, referral service. We will connect you with the RMO’s in our database and you can reach out to them to discuss your business needs and requirements.