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Get paid to mentor new contractors 

Want to become an RMO?

We pair licensed contractors with corporations who are in need of a qualifier that holds your specific classification(s).

We begin by introducing you to the corporation’s owner. Once a working agreement has been reached, we then complete all the necessary paperwork with the CSLB and follow up with the process until the license is issued.

The RMO Responsible Managing Officer is a legal mechanism through which to obtain a contractor’s license.

You can qualify up to three construction companies in any one-year period.

RMO shall comply with CSLB rules and regulations and all local, state, federal and all other applicable laws.

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How Does It Work?

When you join our program, you will be matched with a company or contractor who needs a qualifier that holds your specific classification(s).

Can I disassociate from the company?

Yes, you can disassociate from the company at any given time. The RMO agreement should include a termination and/or contract cancellation clause (According to your requirements).

How many licenses can I qualify for?

You can qualify for Up to three license in any one-year period.

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Why Be A Responsible Managing Officer?

The expertise and highly sought after skills of a licensed contractor have never been more in demand.

The State experience requirements have become so stringent that people wishing to enter into the construction industry have no choice but to seek out professionals such as yourself.

By becoming an RMO, you can educate, train, mentor others so that one day they could become an RMO… and you can get paid for it!

RMO Construction Agency is a flat fee based, no contract, referral service. We will connect you with the RMO’s in our database and you can reach out to them to discuss your business needs and requirements.