RMO Services By:

RMO Construction Agency


• Applying for a Contractor License

• Replacing the Qualifying Individual
• Adding a Classification to Your License
• Adding New Personnel to Existing License
• Removing Personnel from Existing License
• Applying for an Examination Waiver due to being a Licensed Contractor for 5 years.
• Applying for an Exam
• Reporting Change of Title for current officer

• Disassociation Request

• Changing your business name or address
• Renewing Your License
• Activate/Inactivate Your License
• Maintaining your Bond
• Maintaining your Workers’ Compensation Insurance
• Maintaining your General Liability Insurance
• Applying for Home Improvement Salesperson Registration
• Ordering a wall certificate or Pocket Card


RMO Construction Agency is a flat fee based, no contract, referral service. We will connect you with the RMO’s in our database and you can reach out to them to discuss your business needs and requirements.